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Infrared Cameras

        With this cameras we can detect moisture on walls and ceiling, and in some cases, find the origin of them. We can find things impossible to see with the naked eye.


       It works based in the temperature difference between objects and in some occasions we are able to see hot water pipes trough the walls, downspouts, and the structure of the ceiling.

Water penetration at the ceiling

Moisture at the wall

Metallic Pipe Mapping

        To find a leak, we need to know first where the pipes are, and to be able to do that, we have a machine that converts the pipes into radio frequency transmitters giving us the opportunity to track them with a lot of precision up to 4 meters below ground.


      We also use this technology to make blue prints of hydraulic systems and to avoid damaging the pipes during remodeling.

Water and Gas Leak Detection

        A leak makes a special noise when the water comes out of the pipe with a lot of pressure.


     We use a very advance equipment that has a big stethoscope that help us hear the leak up to 2 meters below surface and detect the vibrations it produces.


        It is important to have a quiet environment to be able to use this technology.

Downspout beside the window

         Bradport has almost 10 years being the leader in home inspections in Mexico and has a department specialized in detecting water and gas leaks on pipes and finding the cause of moisture or water leaks originated by unknown sources. Here is some information of the technology we use to be the best on what we do.

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