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        Home Inspection Is the process of property detailed analysis to examine deeply and accurately the functions and true condition to avoid any kind of hidden problem. 

What Do We Inspect?

  • Structure

  • Facade and Exterior Areas

  • Roof

  • Gas and Hydraulic System

  • Electric System

  • Air Conditioning

  • Pool

  • Interior Areas

  • Moisture and Mold

How It Works?

  1. The inspection fee is determined by the size of construction and the age of the property.

  2. The inspection is programmed.

  3. The inspection normally lasts 2 to 4 hours.

  4. Three days later the report is sent in a PDF file with pictures, recommendations and conclusions.  It  can  be  in  Spanish  or English.

  5. The inspector answers any question.

Advantages of Doing a Home Inspection


  • The security of knowing the true condition of the property that is buying.

  • Have a powerful tool for a fair negotiation.


Real Estate Agent:

  • Protect his client.

  • Give a complete service according to the agency’s prestige.


        The certification is designed for those owners or developers that want to sell his product in the best possible condition.


     The process is the same of the normal inspection but with additional subsequent inspections until all the details are repaired properly and the property complies with the quality standards that were established.


        At the end of the process Bradport issues a certificate of quality that the seller gives to the client demonstrating that the property was verified and it’s in the best possible condition.



  • Detect the problems on time before they cause discomfort to the client and affect the image of the Company.

  • Repair in advance is cheaper and less problematic.

  • Evaluate the work of his own people or external contractors.

  • The fact that an external institution makes a professional and impartial inspection of the property gives a great image of the developer and may be turned into a great marketing tool.



  • Detect and fix problems before they could affect the buying decision or the property value.

  • Have a powerful tool to negotiate a fair price.

  • Increase the possibilities of getting interest for the property accelerating the sale.

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